yachts and boats

What can we do for your yacht or motorboat?

We will make your yacht, boat or motorboat recognizable, memorable, one of a kind.
We will create a unique graphic design for you that will satisfy you and allow you to advertise your company or your sponsors.

Hull color change

Hull color change

We will change the color of the entire hull or selected parts (with a surface in good technical condition) without the need for painting. We use the highest quality vinyl films intended for this type of activity.

Hull design change

Hull design change

We will give the boat a new look. It will be personalized for the owner according to their expectations. Depending on your preferences, it will be more sporty, aggressive, feminine or masculine, it may have interesting graphics or stylized inscriptions, etc. ... We will present to you graphic suggestions. The materials will be printed or weaved from dedicated, top-quality vinyl films.

Marking with hull advertising graphics

Marking with hull advertising graphics

We will apply the advertising graphics of your company or your sponsors on the hull. After the contract ends, the graphics will be easily removed. We will make a coherent, aesthetic project. We will make her noticed.

We have been running advertising agencies for several years.
We operate throughout Europe.

One of our specialties is wrapping yachts and boats. In our projects, we use the best materials of the world's leading producers, guided by their recommendations. We are in constant contact with them. Our work is performed reliably. Step by step, we inform the client about our activities, goals and the final effect that they can expect. We also do not hide the shortcomings and limitations of the solutions used.

What are the benefits of boat wrapping?

Advantages of wrapping

Wrapping is the fastest way to change the appearance of a yacht or boat. Vinyl films are materials that can be easily removed, they can be printed with multi-colored design or advertising graphics. We also use vinyl films with a carbon structure, brushed metals, wood etc., which we can apply in full or in shapes selected by the customer. This allows us to make complex graphics. The development of materials used in advertising from year to year allows for pushing the limits of what is possible in this field. Wrapping films can be applied on solids with variable shapes such as the hulls of yachts and boats. We have colour palettes for films available on the market.



For wrapping yachts, boats and other floating equipment, we use specialized films from the world's leading manufacturers on the market: 3M, Avery, Mactac, Oracal.
This allows us to offer solutions that meet the harsh and difficult conditions in which vessels often find themselves.

Step by step wrapping procedure.
  1. Preparation of the surface for film application. The surface to be worked on should be perfectly smooth in order to show the maximum effect. Therefore, before starting film application, we recommend filling the defects and polishing the surface. Then on our side is thorough washing and degreasing of the working surface.
  2. Cutting and joining film. Depending on the design, we will often use different film colors and shapes. In order to take care of the surfaces, while cutting off unnecessary fragments of the film we use flexible cutting tapes. Knives are not used directly on the surface. All edges of the film are secured with a special liquid - a finisher, which creates a tight layer and prevents water from getting under the material.
  3. Laminate protection. The film with printed graphics, if we use one, is secured with a permanent laminate. It is an additional, transparent outer layer of the film, which reduces the impact of UV radiation and increases the protection of the printout against mechanical damage.
  4. Fixation. Each yacht, boat or other vessel should wait at least 24 hours in a dry and warm place after wrapping. This is the time needed for the adhesive to complete the bonding process.

We wrap the boats
all over Europe.

Vinyl Design - yacht wrapping is located in Rzeszów, Poland. We have 100 km to the picturesque Bieszczady Mountains and Lake Solina. However, nowadays moving around Europe is no longer a challenge, which is why we provide our services throughout Poland and Europe. The whole world with the right budget will also be an interesting challenge for us which we will gladly undertake.